2011 National Chili Day

Chili.  There’s nothing like the taste of a bowl of warm chili.  Whether you like it spicy or mild, exotic or conventional, the explosion of flavor with every spoonful makes this truly Americanized dish exciting to eat.

Just the other day, I learned that Friday, Feb. 25th is National Chili Day…and since this is one of my all time favorite types of food, I am looking forward to celebrating it somehow!

It’s interesting to Google ‘National Chili Day.’  You’ll find a number of entries talking about local celebrations, food companies advertising their chili fixings, and more.  Try it and see what you find…there just may be something happening in your local area!  One of my brothers is a firefighter and I’ve heard that they’ve had some good competitions at the fire station.  I may need to pay them a visit on Friday…mmmm.

I’ve been trying to talk my wife out of her secret chili recipe so that we can post it within the Ralston Valley Beef recipe page, but I haven’t been able to talk her into it….yet.  Keep checking in once in a while – I hope to get it posted before too long.

But, I do have a chili recipe that can be made with five variations – each one of them with a distinctively different taste.  So, in celebration of National Chili Day, here is the Beef Chili Five Ways recipe.

Try it and leave comments on what you thought.  Better yet, have a chili recipe that you like?  Post a comment and tell how you like to make your chili!!

Happy Chili Day

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