RVB Meets Denver Mayor Michael Hancock

RVB's Todd Inglee meets with Denver Mayor Michael Hancock following the AFC West Divisional playoff game between the Denver Broncos and the New England Patriots

After all the dust settled following the wager over the AFC West Division playoff game between the Denver Broncos and the New England Patriots, Mayor Michael Hancock invited me to meet with him in his office in Denver.

I hadn’t been inside Denver’s City & County Building since I was little when my Dad took me there on a sight-seeing trip, but I found my way to the Mayor’s office where I was promptly ushered in to meet Mayor Hancock. He thanked me in person for partnering with him on the wager and we continued with a friendly conversation that lasted about 15 minutes.

He seemed genuinely interested in just visiting and he told me what it was like to wear the Patriot jersey to the Nuggets game and how the crowd reacted when they noticed him walk in the arena. He seemed good natured about upholding his end of the bet and commented about how excited he was to run into Boston Mayor Menino at a future event to hear about receiving Ralston Valley Beef’s combination package.

He opened his desk drawer and presented me with a Denver logo pin that states “Everyone Matters” – a theme that Mayor Hancock is emphasizing throughout his administration.

I enjoyed meeting Mayor Hancock and wanted to share my picture of the two of us – - notice the RVB cap he’s wearing?!?

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